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Why the Future of SEO Lies in PR

With all the recent shakeups by Google to its search algorithms, some SEOs have declared that Google is trying to “kill” SEO. But the party line from Google has always been “We’re trying to improve the user experience and return relevant search results every ti
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What is Google My Business?

Where Are My Google Reviews
You can be forgiven for thinking this is some sort of a prank — the name doesn’t exactly scream “Take me seriously!” But like most of Google’s changes, you would be foolish not to take it seriously. This is the next step in the evolution of Google busines
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Wave Goodbye To Google Authorship Profile Photos

Google Authorship 2
All good things must come to an end. The Google Authorship photo is the latest casualty in the ever changing Google search algorithm. For websites who have taken advantage of this once beneficial search Click Through Rate (CTR) strategy, it is time to say goodbye to your “vanity pictu
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How to Use Pinterest for SEO

Pinterest for SEO
Pinterest has been a dark horse competitor in the social media platforms for some time. With 70 million users, 71% of which are women, 28 percent of which have a household income of 100K+, Pinterest is a customer magnet for certain companies. Although it does tend to attract people wi
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How Conversion Pipeline Works with New PPC Clients

Pay Per Click
Our Pay Per Click management service is one of the most popular services in our menu here at Conversion Pipeline. Pay Per Click is an advanced advertising technique that allows for ads to be placed in major search engines and websites. PPC can be used to capture buyers at the crucial
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