Marketing Agency Services In VirginiaMarketing can mean many things.  Most often, we think of the four P’s:  Price, Product, Place and Promotion.

But that is not marketing in the real world.

The four P’s are important for marketing departments and for academics, but for real businesses marketing is often defined another way entirely.  Try…

Ways to get more clients and to grow my business.

This is where you need an agency like Conversion Pipeline.  You see, most marketing companies will sell you some service.  Be it SEO or a website design or maybe some online ad scheme.

The truth is that as a stand alone, any one of those services, or countless others, are doomed to fail.  The reason is that marketing cannot be executed in a vacuum.

For example, social signals from Google+, Facebook and Twitter are being used by Google to determine website authority and thus may impact ranking.  A prospect is more likely to convert if exposed to both an organic listing and a paid listing in a Search Engine Result Page (SERP).  A good SEO program doesn’t just add text content, but may use presentations, press releases, blog posts, updated page content, social networking and all kinds of other online activities.

So why would you pay money for a service that “builds links?”

The answer is that you shouldn’t.

You need an agency that will identify your business goals, and execute a marketing plan that yields results.

To that end, here are the marketing vehicles that we commonly use to help clients just like you:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – our SEO program begins with on-page optimization.  That means we fix your site so that it is, in the words of Bruce Clay, the “least imperfect.”  that means fixing technical issues that might make Google cringe; adding relevant key phrases in the right places; crafting the right content in the right quantities; and organizing your site for users and for crawlers.  Then, we embark on a content development program, which is the foundation to link building.

Remarketing – Ever been to a website and then in the days that follow see ads all over the place for that same website?  That’s remarketing.  Remarketing is a powerful branding and inbound lead tool. We utilize remarking on several different platforms including Google and Facebook Remarketing.

Local Search – Local businesses need a special flavor of SEO.  Google is very sophisticated in how it deals with local businesses.  We’re experts at getting your online presence set up correctly and then optimized for search engines.

Email Marketing – Email is a powerful weapon in your marketing plan arsenal.  Used correctly, you can use it to generate business on demand.

Social Media – Sometimes social media can be a great inbound lead tool.  Other times, it can be used as a way to establish credibility, branding or as a communication vehicle.  We’ll help you use it the right way, that will not be a waste of time.

Marketing Plans – If you don’t have a marketing plan, you need one.  How can you systematically drive new business without a plan?  You can’t.  We’ll help you get organized with a comprehensive marketing plan that covers everything from competitive analysis to day to day execution.

Conversion Pipeline approaches marketing holistically.  That means we don’t focus on a small area of marketing and focus on it.  We create a grand scheme and then systematically work through a plan.  We do this because, well, it’s the right way to do it.


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