Media Buying

Mediums such as TV and radio advertising can be an effective marketing tool for companies that want to reach a broader audience with their advertising message. Conversion Pipeline will create marketing schedules and commercials guaranteed to entice listeners and viewers to action.

TV Advertising

From the waiting room to the weight room, you’ll find televisions… everywhere. And just like that: a captive audience, ready and waiting for your message. Conversion Pipeline provides assistance for the entire process. We’ll script, shoot, and edit your TV spot; we can even help negotiate the best possible ad rates.

Our TV Advertising solutions include:

  • Cable TV
  • Local television
  • Broadcast networks
  • Syndicated television

You get maximum exposure in every format:

  • Direct Response
  • Short Form
  • FIP
  • Bookends

We’ll make your message the star of the show.

Radio Advertising

Radio advertising — whether distributed locally in the DC metro area, or syndicated nationally, and regardless of size — can be a great way to generate new revenue and increase customer recognition of your special offers, events, and promotions. Conversion Pipeline will help create a memorable advertising campaign through the use of sound with a jingle or a creative radio commercial that people will remember.

Our effective radio spots deliver your message quickly and affordably. We script, record and edit advertisements tailored to your budget and goals, and we’ll schedule them to play exactly where your audience will hear them. So they start generating new leads immediately.

Your ads run where your customers listen:

  • Satellite radio
  • Online radio
  • Digital stations
  • Terrestrial radio
  • Syndicated radio

Maximize your exposure. Minimize your spend:

  • Short form
  • FIP
  • Bookends
  • Road Block
  • Traffic

Other Media Buying Opportunities

Media buys are not limited to TV and radio. In today’s marketplace there are more places to advertise and networks to distribute your messaging across than ever before. Technology has allowed all of the dinosaurs — think Yellow Pages — to develop online distribution channels, before they really did go the way of the dinosaur. Then you have the major media outlets (like Gannett) that have access to hundreds of media publications across the Web and regularly run very profitable campaigns.

The trick is to know which media platform will best meet your goals and to have the expertise to execute a campaign. That’s where Conversion Pipeline comes in. We’ll help determine your budget; identify the right channel; develop your campaign; and project manage the effort with any third party you choose.

We’ve earned our reputation as tenacious negotiators, so you’ll always know you’re getting the best rates for your ad dollar.

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