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Pay Per Click Strategy

Pay Per Click Strategy

One thing I always tell small businesses is that no matter what you are selling, pay per click is a guaranteed way to get leads to your doorstep. That is, if you follow the golden principles of pay per click advertising. I have outlined some of the PPC guidelines below:

  1. You need good keywords
  2. Create sub-groups to drill down on specific keywords (i.e. Digital Camera, SLR Digital Camera)
  3. Create Ads for each keyword group
  4. Create multiple Ads within each keyword group
  5. The Ads need to be tied to a service descriptive landing page on your website
  6. Use negative words to weed out services you do not sell (i.e. Digital camera repair)
  7. Use Google Analytics to measure how well your campaign is doing
  8. Review your ad placements once per week
  9. Review your website bounce rates to determine which web pages are getting traffic, losing traffic and which ones convert that traffic into leads
  10. Conversion is key with pay per click. The more time you spend of your PPC campaign, the better results you will have.

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