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Just as Beetlejuice appears when you call, remarketing arrives to wreak havoc — er, uh, we mean, to display highly relevant ads to users who’ve visited your website. Google Remarketing is a powerful online marketing tool that allows companies like yours the chance to stay engaged and top of mind with their target audience.

After someone visits your website the will be “cookied” and your ads will follow them around the web.

Remarketing is the most underutilized online marketing strategy because marketers and companies do not know how to deploy it properly. Remarketing allows businesses who use Google’s paid advertising platform (AdWords) to show ads to users who’ve previously visited their website. Google remarketing is a powerful online marketing tool that allows companies to stay engaged with their target audience. Companies can achieve higher online conversions by combining various targeting methods (interest categories, demographics, or keyword campaigns).

Fact: Over 96% of your website’s visitors will NOT convert on their first visit (

Google Remarketing

How Google Remarketing Works

Remarketing works when any paid advertising (Google AdWords) or organic search  visitor comes to your website and leaves without converting. Remarketing essentially tags the user through cookies and adds them to your Google AdWords Remarketing campaign. This enables Google to serve these non-conversion visitors with your targeted Remarketing messaging (text or image ads) for 30 days while they are visiting websites on Google’s display network.

Who Should Use Google Remarketing

Any company who is spending money on online advertising on Google and who is looking to increase sales activity on their website or promote brand awareness can benefit from remarketing. Remarketing can be a strategic component of your online advertising campaigns. Use remarketing to match the right message to the right online audience.

Google Remarketing Benefits

  • Elevate Your Brand Awareness
  • Increase Online Conversions
  • Attract A Higher Quality Visitor
  • Customized Messaging or Image Ads
  • Pay For Performance

Why Conversion Pipeline For Remarketing?

Google Certified PartnerIt’s simple…we have launched and managed hundreds of remarketing campaigns. It doesn’t hurt when you are a Certified Google Partner and have aced the Google Advertising exams. Nor does it hurt when you have 3 people on staff who are AdWords certified. Contact us and schedule a free remarketing consultation with one of our AdWords Certified professionals.

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