Social-media-marketingBehind every clever tweet is a team of people who think they’re funny. Don’t you think we’re funny? How many likes will this post get? Does that meme promote our brand? Did you see who commented on our picture?! TAG ME, TAG ME. Okay, so we love the instant feedback of social media. Does that make us bad people? #selfie

The truth is, social media marketing — that is, the process of gaining traffic and attention for your business through the use of social media sites — can make or break your company’s online reputation. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc. In, and on these networks, people and companies share opinions, events, videos, images, experiences, news, and discuss with each other. It matters. It really matters.


With Conversion Pipeline’s team of social media specialists, of course.

There has never been a better time to get out there and interact with your current clients, prospects, business partners — hell, even strangers! It is these people who help shape your business’s image every day, so invite them in: Let them know what’s going on in your world.


We like to brag, and so should you.

Won an award? Tweet about it. Added something new and exciting to your client portfolio? Pin it! Got your ear to the ground about big changes in the industry? Let Facebook know! Not only does social media marketing generate exposure for your business but it drives qualified traffic to your website and contributes to a rise in search engine rankings.

Social Media Strategy Deliverables

At Conversion Pipeline we run social media like it’s our job! Okay, technically it is our job… and we’re great at it! Let us examine your current social media strategy (if you have one) and identify opportunities to grow. Our recommendation and management style puts you in control. Work with our team to coordinate schedules and create an action plan that outlines an effective strategy. We’ll show you how:

  • to choose, create, and optimize your social profiles
  • to identify communities specific to your industry
  • to research influencers to follow and model campaigns after.

And if you’d like, we’ll implement the whole enchilada if you’d like.

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