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(Sterling, VA) Sam Collingwood joins Conversion Pipeline as Managing Partner and Vice President of Sales.  Mr. Collingwood will focus on channel partner development, client acquisition, and and revenue growth for Conversion Pipeline. Prior to that, Mr. Collingwood was a Business Development Senior Manager for at AOL Inc. where he served for three years and oversaw strategic partnership ventures and vendor management. Mr. Collingwood also served on the Time Warner Telecom Council where he led partner negotiations...

What is Integrated Marketing Communications? Management consultants came up with the term “integrated marketing communications” (IMC) to describe a marketer’s unified or holistic approach toward marketing across all media platforms. Integrated marketing ensures consistency of messaging throughout all media outlets. While some may think this is a simple concept, it is easily preached but harder to apply. Communicating to our targeted users has changed with the surge in online marketing strategies such as search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising,...

The most important common denominator in successful companies is the implementation of a successful Marcom (Marketing Communications) strategy. You can have the best product or service in your industry but if no one knows about it, or its benefits, it doesn't matter. Companies who realize that Band Awareness and Perception plays a big role in how successful a company is or isn't, has an advantage over their competition. We are #1 Because I Told You We Are...