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Paid Advertising / PPC Management

If you are doing paid online advertising without clear objectives, you are most likely missing out. Let us help you.

We specialize in paid online advertising across multiple digital channels. Our team is composed of Google AdWords and Google Analytics certified experts. We will even do a FREE Pay Per Click (PPC) analysis for you of your current campaigns!

As a Google Premier Partner, we ensure that our paid marketing campaigns will bring new customers to your door, re-engage those who are already familiar with your brand, and grow your business. We judge the success of our PPC campaigns by the number of people who take action (convert) not just passively view your ads. This ensures that your marketing dollars are well spent and that you are getting in front of the right audience for your business.

Search Ads
People will see these ads on Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs) when they search for your designated keywords and the ad will appear in line with organic search listings.

Display Ads
With enough budget, we can put your ads on any website you would like. Through research and analysis, our Google Adwords certified experts will determine where, when, and to whom your ads need to appear.

Social Media
Paid social media marketing is the way of the future. However, the right strategy must be used on the right platforms — haphazard and spontaneous advertising will not yield the desired ROI. Just “boosting” a Facebook post is rarely enough to acquire new leads for your business. We advertise on all social media channels including Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and more. Learn more here about our social media marketing options.

Retargeting & Customer Match
These custom audiences are the perfect way to re-engage people who have already visited your website, signed up for your email list, or interacted with your brand. Retargeting ads generally have a higher conversion rate than cold ads and keep your brand in front of the user.

More than half of digital traffic online now comes from mobile devices and through mobile apps. We make sure your ads are showing up where people are spending their time – and that’s on their phones. Our advertising experts know how to optimize ads so that users convert more and the ad visuals are the most stunning.

Video ads are becoming more and more popular as users become used to constant video stimulation from apps like Snapchat and Vine. YouTube is The 2nd largest search engine, so you want to make sure that your brand has a video presence across multiple platforms. Short, sleekly-produced videos can capture attention and convert viewers.

We are constantly testing new digital advertising platforms and improving our paid advertising offerings. Just ask us what our latest digital discovery is and we will be happy to share it with your business!