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Social Media Marketing

Social Media is an essential aspect of online presence for any business — small, medium, or large.

You want to not only control your social media narrative, but also capitalize on low cost marketing across social media platforms.

Conversion Pipeline specializes in social media marketing across multiple platforms and will be able to determine what type of social media marketing is best for your business.

Social media has the potential to get your business a lot of bang for your budget. With an average cost per click that is lower than traditional Google ads, social media marketing can be a great way to stretch your budget and increase brand engagement. Social media allows businesses to hyper target consumers that don’t even know that they want what you have to offer yet. You can target people based on demographics, interests, likes, dislikes, geography, and more.

An active presence and engagement with customers on social media also creates trust and can create “brand ambassadors” that will share, like, and even become advocates for your business. A strong social media presence also has the added benefit of increasing social signals through out the web which help with SEO.

Social media doesn’t just mean Facebook either (though that is a big one.) We utilize social media marketing for:


Facebook ads offer audience granularity and a wide reach at the same time. You can acquire new customers, retarget past customers, and engage with current customers.

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Instagram is great for image-centric ads targeting millenials. Users can be driven to make purchases, visit your website, or simply just engage and ``like`` your brand.


LinkedIn ads are perfect for B2B businesses looking to network and build connections within an industry.


Pinterest showcases your images and allows people to share and save them with ease as well as make purchases.


YouTube if used properly, can be a great tool for increasing not only audience engagement but SEO.


Twitter is a great way to engage with your customers, promote your brand, and even get leads with lead cards.

Google Plus

YouTube if used properly can be a great tool for increasing not only audience engagement but also SEO.


Snapchat has several marketing options from geofilters to sponsored ads. Snapchat's user base is overwhelmingly composed of younger consumers, a coveted and tough-to-reach consumer audience. Capture users in a micro-moment like never before!