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Conversion Pipeline was started when Michael and Sam decided they were sick of working for the man.
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We are a boutique digital marketing firm – and we’re as big as you want us to be. Our dynamic agile marketing approach means we put the right people on your project when you need them. There is no dead weight, and each team member brings something unique to our clients. We get to know you, and you get to know us – this is the small business advantage with one on one attention. Conversion Pipeline packs a large agency punch with small agency responsiveness and attention.

Our Story:

Michael and Sam met at UUNET in the late 90’s and became office-mates at Cable & Wireless in the early 2000’s. They parted ways for a few years as Michael went on to become a part owner of a digital marketing/web development firm and Sam went to work for Verizon as a Product Marketing Manager in their Web Division. After one more job change each they knew they didn’t want to work for the man anymore. 

In 2009 Michael decided he wanted to start his own Digital Marketing firm focusing on SEO, PPC, SMM, Email Marketing and Website Design services. He told Sam about his grand plan over a few beers and Sam jumped on board. They both quit their jobs and started Conversion Pipeline. Their combination of drive, sales skills, and marketing experience allowed them to generate revenue and grow the company from the ground up.

They brought Harry in a few years later when they decided to up their SEO game. Harry developed search engine optimization training programs that reached over 6,000 businesses all across the country. He consulted with hundreds of companies to help them develop their search marketing strategies and tactics.

Now, Conversion Pipeline continues to grow while still being especially selective about the team members that they hire, each one adding to the corporate culture and bringing something unique to the company.


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