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Internet marketing firm for small biz expands here JAMES CITY -- Conversion Pipeline, a small business Internet marketing specialist, is expanding its operations with an office in James City County. According to a press release, Conversion Pipeline works with growing small businesses to develop customized Internet marketing strategies. “Opening an office in greater Williamsburg will allow us the ability to better serve our growing base of clients, partners, and government agencies from Richmond down through the Hampton Roads area” said company president...

Internet Marketing Firm, Conversion Pipeline, Opens New Office in Williamsburg, Virginia

June 21, 2010, Washington D.C.  Small business Internet marketing specialist, Conversion Pipeline, announces that it is expanding its operations with opening an office in Williamsburg, Virginia.

Friends and Valued Clients, When we first discussed the benefits of hiring Conversion Pipeline to promote your brand online and increase your rankings in search engines we told you how complex this practice is, especially with Google.  As you can see from the article below Google has stayed true to their motto, “change is good”, and has yet again changed their algorithm(s) and the way they prioritize and rank companies in their search engine.  The Conversion Pipeline...

Making Tough Decisions:

~ As a small business owner, should I hire a online marketing agency?

~ Where should I advertise to get the most from my marketing dollars?

~ How much of my revenue should I spend on online marketing?

online marketing experts When you started your business you inevitably had to wear many hats; so many at times you probably wondered if you were coming or going.  You worried about making sales, generating leads, building your products or services, taking care of your clients, marketing and networking to get your name out, advertising, joining the right associations, etc.  What you really wanted to do was buried deep down in the rubble somewhere…You know, the reason you started the business in the first place.

Franchise owners know one thing -- either they are getting enough marketing support from corporate or they need to take matters into their own hands. Unfortunately, the latter is the usually the case. In today’s era of budget cut backs marketing is usually the one line item in the corporate budget with the bull’s-eye on its back.  Franchisees need to take matters into their own hands and deploy the marketing strategies that Fortune 500 companies are...

Washington DC area internet marketing firm, Conversion Pipeline, announced the launch of a new Social Media Optimization service allowing small businesses to use multiple social media platforms to promote themselves online and generate new leads. Our Managing Partner, Sam Collingwood, stated “statistics show hundreds of millions of people visit social media websites every day.  Whether communicating on Facebook, reading blogs, tweeting, or connecting with business colleagues on LinkedIn; social media is quickly evolving beyond just sharing photos...

More small businesses are asking us what they can do to get more involved in social media. I commend them for realizing how important it is for their brand as well as for understanding what consumers are saying about them or their product/service. The first thing I tell a customer about social media is that "you get out what you put in", meaning, the more time you spend engaging people the more benefit you will get...

Here are some interesting stats from regarding website traffic between Facebook and Google. Now are you ready to take social media seriously? December 2009 - Unique Visitors: 1) Facebook: 132,130,132 2) Google: 146,705,164 December 2009 - Total Visits: 1) Facebook: 2,712,334,571 2) Google: 2,686,747,057 Yearly Change 1) Facebook: +210.05% 2) Google: +33.59% Source: [