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Facebook Advertising

As of June 2017, there are 2 billion people on Facebook each month. (Source: Facebook)

WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger each have more than one billion users and Instagram now has more than 700 million users.

What if you could reach those Facebook users and turn them into customers? Our Facebook advertising services help increase leads for your business.

So why wouldn’t you want your company to be advertising on Facebook & Instagram?

If you are operating in a business to consumer market, Facebook (and Instagram) advertising could be the ideal solution for you. With many benefits similar to Google AdWords, Facebook Advertising also has a few other benefits which surpass Google, the most important being a lower average cost per click.

Facebook also allows you to get in front of people that might not be directly searching for your brand or product, but are still likely consumers or brand advocates. Facebook ads offer unparalleled audience granularity and the opportunity to re-engage those who are already interested in your brand or product.

Facebook Advertising Case Study

One of our clients, a national homebuilder, saw an average CPC (cost per click) of $5.38 for Google AdWords, whereas their Facebook CPC is just $0.95. For companies with smaller budgets, this 255% decrease in CPC can make a huge difference.

For this company, their top traffic source is paid Facebook advertising. The traffic from Facebook is converting (in this case filling out a contact form) more than Google AdWords with Facebook accounting for 16% of conversions and Google only 3%. This is with a Google AdWords spend that almost doubles the Facebook spend demonstrating just how much bang you can get from your budget with Facebook Ads.

More Campaign Options & Flexibility

There are tons of options when setting up Facebook ads. You can target based on demographics like age, household income, job title, and life stages. You can also target by geographic area, people who “like” certain pages, email subscribers that you already have and “lookalike” users that behave similarly to your current customers.

You can also choose the type of ad that you want to run. Facebook is constantly rolling out new options like the new, lead generation ads – which allow consumers to sign up for your list without ever leaving Facebook. The ad will auto-populate the fields with their information creating a very low barrier to entry. With the right incentive, this can be a great way to build your e-mail list. Whatever your business objective, there is a Facebook ad for it – people can claim offers, watch videos, install an app, reach people near your business, send people to your website, raise attendance at an event, promote products, or just increase brand awareness.

Get Started Now With Facebook Advertising

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