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Local SEO


YellowPages? What are those again? It is not a secret that the usage of YellowPages to find local vendors has plummeted, while search engine traffic has drastically increased. Having a strong local online marketing strategy is now a must for the survival of every small or medium-sized business.

We develop and execute proven strategies to help local businesses increase visibility and get more leads.
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Local Results & Relevancy

Everyone knows that SEO has been one of the most important elements of online marketing for the past 15 years.

Google and the other search engines have moved toward a more localized approach when serving up search results to make it more relevant to the user. For instance, if you live in Manhattan and are looking for a “Florist”, Google will serve up local Manhattan “Florists” instead of Florists outside of the immediate area. It is all about relevancy with search engines.

Local search is becoming the main focus of SEO. This is especially valid in the case of businesses, whose target demographic is normally within their close proximity. As Google prioritizes mobile-friendly, local websites, it is more important than ever to optimize for local visitors.

Local Search Principles

Although local SEO principles are similar to national SEO, there are some specific differences which are outlined below:
o Geo-targeted keywords. (i.e. Manhattan Florist)
o Getting linked to by local/niche specific websites (i.e. Local Manhattan Directories)
o Make your website more “Local Search” friendly. (Add your address and local phone number on your website)
o Producing “Local” unique content targeted to a local audience
o Target Review Websites (Yelp, Merchant Circle, Google Reviews, etc.)
o Social Media websites
o Proper URL structure with “Local Search” keywords integrated into the URL
o Local Chamber of Commerce, Local Better Business Bureau, and other directories

Why Local SEO?

The way people search Google and the other search engines have changed. People aren’t just searching for products and services anymore. They are searching for the Product & Service and Their Town. More people are trying to narrow their searches down to their own neighborhood because people want to know with whom they are dealing online. Consumers want to be able to visit your business location (if need be) for your product/service, or at least understand what other consumers are saying about your product/service through the online review websites. Websites that are optimized for local search build consumer trust and help your business be found by people in the area. Get more prospects through our local SEO services.

Local Search SEO With Conversion Pipeline

Because we get it! We have been practicing organic local SEO before Google Maps and Yahoo Local even existed. We have a deep understanding of how search engines work — and we have stayed ahead of the curve when the engines make changes to their ranking algorithms. Local SEO can bring you leads from your area that you didn’t even know were available. You’ll see long-term benefits from our experience in developing local search engine strategies. Contact us for a consultation today.

Our Awards and Partnerships

Our management team are certified Google Analytics experts so we can provide you the best SEO service. We are a proud Premier Google and Yext partner


We are a boutique digital marketing firm

– and we’re as big as you want us to be. Our dynamic agile search engine optimization & digital marketing approach means we put the right people on your project when you need them. There is no dead weight, and each team member brings something unique to our clients. We get to know you, and you get to know us – this is the small business advantage with one on one attention. Conversion Pipeline packs a large agency punch with small agency responsiveness and attention.

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