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Fact: Over 96% of your website’s visitors will NOT convert on their first visit, according to

What can you do to recapture those visitors? Target them again with Google and Facebook ads. Our experience in dynamic remarketing across multiple search engines and social media platforms can help recapture prospects' attention and convert them into paying customers.

What is Retargeting?

Retargeting (also known as remarketing) allows you to display highly relevant ads to users who’ve visited your website. Retargeting is a powerful digital marketing tool that allows companies like yours the chance to stay engaged and top of mind with your target audience.

After someone visits your website they will be “cookied” (make sure that your privacy policy allows for this) and your ads will follow them around the web. For example, when you look at a pair of shoes online but don’t actually purchase them. Then, you see ads for those exact shoes EVERYWHERE – facebook, websites, you name it reminding you that you still want those shoes…that’s retargeting.

Retargeting is one of the most underutilized online marketing strategies because marketers and companies do not know how to deploy it properly. Retargeting is a powerful digital marketing tool that allows companies to stay engaged and keep their brand top of mind with their target audience. Retargeting is especially useful for companies with a longer sales funnel as it may take the user several visits to the website before converting.

How Retargeting Works

Retargeting works when any paid advertising (Google AdWords) or organic search visitor comes to your website and leaves without converting. Retargeting essentially tags the user through cookies and adds them to your Google AdWords Retargeting campaign. This enables Google to serve these non-conversion visitors with your targeted Retargeting messaging (text or image ads) for 30 days while they are visiting websites on Google’s display network.

Who Should Use Retargeting?

Any company who is spending money on online advertising and who is looking to increase sales activity on their website or promote brand awareness can benefit from retargeting. Retargeting can be a strategic component of your online advertising campaigns. Use retargeting to match the right message to the right online audience.

Retargeting Benefits

  • Elevate Your Brand Awareness
  • Increase Online Conversions
  • Attract A Higher Quality Visitor
  • Customized Messaging or Image Ads
  • Pay For Performance

Conversion Pipeline For Retargeting

It’s simple…we have launched and managed hundreds of retargeting campaigns on Google, Bing & Facebook for various industries. Contact us and schedule a retargeting consultation.

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