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Management Team


Michael Delpierre

Co-Founder & CEO

Michael loves mixing plaid and stripes and embroidered flip flops. His passions are PPC, exotic yet ample lunches, golf for ``networking``, and early morning walks with his dog. His specialty is winning free stuff from Google and curating the office artwork.


Sam Collingwood

Co-Founder & COO

Sam is the local citation builder-in-chief and loves a good death metal concert and shorts in the winter. His passions are remixing classic songs, jamming' out with Harry and scaring unsuspecting people in the CP hallway.


Harry Brooks

Partner & CMO

Harry's superpower is being able to explain SEO to anyone. He's not lactose intolerant, he just doesn't like certain kinds of cheese. His favorite time to come in to the office is when everyone else is gone so he can write on Nick's whiteboard in permanent marker. On the weekends you can find him in his zombie bunker wearing his tinfoil hat.


Marie Jarvis

Digital Marketing Manager

Marie is our Master of the Dark Arts and Digital Marketing. When she isn't holding lectures on the poetry in Justin Bieber's lyrics, she can be found lounging in her over stuffed chair in the sun, eating bon bons. On the weekends, if Marie isn't working within Google Tag Manager, Social Media Marketing or at a Washington Redskins game - she can be found in DC with her friends, enjoying rosé all day.


Brian Grady

Digital Marketing Manager

Brian is a relentless evangelist for all things relating to data and content, especially when it comes to bringing the two together. In his spare time, he enjoys music, sports, travel, the outdoors and wine – preferably all at once. He never tires of regaling his colleagues with heroic stories of his favorite Uzbek soccer teams and his glory days of following the band Phish around the country.


Carol Scheafer

Content Writer

A skilled seamstress of words, Carol effortlessly stitches facts and ideas together to create unique and interesting content. When Carol isn't writing she can be found playing chauffeur to her four children, taking care of orphaned kittens and eating last year's Halloween candy. Her hobbies include reading, hiking, spending time with friends and family and preparing elaborate meals that her children won't touch.


Brittny Hayes

Digital Designer

Yes, her name is spelled that way on purpose. Brittny is Conversion Pipeline's in house designer and #1 Nickelodeon fan.